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About CCR

Custom Chromatography Resins (CCR) creates custom affinity resins specifically for your target molecules. Our philosophy is to engineer the resin to fit your process instead of engineering the process to fit the resin.

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Custom Affinity Chromatography

Compared to mass market chromatography resins, custom affinity resins can lower process development  costs and timelines.  The end result is better  purity, yield and robustness for this step.

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Aptamers are single stranded DNA or RNA sequnces that form three dimentinal shapes that specifically bind to target molecules.


Aptamers  are ideally suited for affinity ligands because they have high selectivity, are non-immunogenic, and chemically synthesized. The selection and manufacturing process is relativley simple and inexpensive compared to antibodies.

Custom Chromatography Resin Developemnt Process

The custom chromatography resin development process includes 3 phases:


Phase 1

Use of Systematic Evolution of Ligands by EXponential Enrichment (SELEX) to enrich a random library of aptamers for potential ligands.

Phase 2

Screening of enriched library using Biolayer Interferometry or Surface Plasmon Resonance to further narrow down ligand candidates.

Phase 3

The best 3-5 ligand candidates from Phase 2 are synthesized and coupled to the chromatographic support to produce resin prototypes. These are tested using process feed-streams to determine binding capacity, yield and purification factors.  

Petri Dishes

Please contact us for questions or to schedule a meeting to discuss your chromatography and purification goals.

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